Our dogs have gone international!

On Wednesday February 8, 2017 two of our team members and five of our dogs packed up and headed across the border to Canada. As you’ve read in our last e-news and throughout our social media posts our shelter is full right now. Though not with cats as you may have suspected. We are seeing an increase of dogs and have since the end of last year. So in an effort to help alleviate our populations we’re forming partnerships with other organizations to help our dogs get adopted.

This month our partnership took us international to our friends at the London Humane Society in Ontario, Canada. This organization was founded in 1899 and runs completely off private and corporate donations with no government funding of any type. Annually they care for approximately 2,000 animals and respond to over 1,000 reports of neglect and cruelty.

Mr. Miagi, Lou Reed*, Annabelle, Ladybug, and Nikki joined the London Humane Society family and we hope they find their new homes very soon. Though back at home our population is still climbing and we need your help and here is how you can:


*Lou Reed is not pictured.