Don’t Let Your Pet Be Lost Forever!

When Annie moved across the country to her new home in Michigan, she was a bit confused. Everything was new and different and her toys and bed were all boxed up. So, when her owner left her in the new place, she panicked. Annie knocked over a box or two and managed to shimmy out a barely-open window and through a gap in the fence. Then, she took off in search of a familiar place. This story plays out every day all over the country. But, thanks to Annie’s owner’s clear sighted planning, Annie made it home in the end.

Annie was equipped with a microchip, and that turned out to be a great idea. The American Humane Society estimates that over 10 million dogs and cats are lost or stolen every year. Of those lost animals, dogs with chips were returned 52% of the time; dogs without chips fared worse, with only 22% finding their way back home. The numbers for cats are even more dramatic: since so many observers assume a roaming cat is a stray cat, only 2% of un-chipped cats are returned home. With a registered microchip, that number jumps to 29%.


At FAMD, every dog and cat that we send to a new home gets fitted with an AKC microchip registered to the shelter. The chips are smaller than a grain of rice, and require no batteries or power. They’re permanent, and the animals don’t even feel them. We also offer low-cost vouchers to area veterinary clinics. Once you’ve chipped your pet, you’ll want to keep your records updated, too.

Sunday, April 23 is National Lost Dog Day. Don’t let your pet become one of the statistics. You can learn more here about lost pet recovery, or visit us here to learn about our microchip vouchers.

As for Annie? After a long and scary couple of days, she made it back to her new home safe, thanks to her microchip.