Reward Offered: Mustang is Our Newest Hope’s Hero

We may never know why someone left a sweet 8-month-old kitten tied to a bush outside Ford World Headquarters. Animal cruelty and abandonment is unfathomable to us at the shelter. What we do know is that Mustang, as he’s been named after the Ford employees who rescued him, is expected to recover fully from his injuries, and has a loving home waiting for him. But there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Last Monday, we received word that two employees at Ford World Headquarters had found a kitten in bad shape. Someone had tied him to a bush with a rope and left him there. Fortunately, two workers heard his cries and called Dearborn Animal Control.

Mustang was in bad shape. The cord had dug into his neck and caused terrible injury there. Mustang immediately went into surgery to remove the cord and treat the damage done by infection and insects. It looked awful, and it sounds awful, but the good news is that Mustang is expected to recover completely, and an employee at the veterinary hospital has already decided he’s coming home with her once he’s recovered.

Mustang’s story may be shocking, but he’s one of the reasons we have our Hope’s Heroes fund. We need every penny of donations we get at the shelter to keep us up and running, and of course we will go to any lengths to give the care each animal deserves. Treatment like Mustang’s means dipping deep into the coffers to find money to make sure he gets better.

Despite our penny-pinching, we’re offering a $5,000 reward for information on the person who left Mustang so cruelly tied up. It’s that important to us. We must prevent cruelty like this in the future; no animal deserves to be treated like this kitten. For more information on Mustang’s rescue and treatment, and on the reward offer, click the links below. We were fortunate to have several news outlets cover Mustang’s plight.

And if you’d really like to help us at the shelter, consider donating to the Hope’s Heroes fund so we can continue to treat tough cases like Mustang’s. The Abraham family of Dearborn is hosting an open house and fundraiser this Saturday for Hope’s Heroes. You can RSVP or donate here.

Links to Mustang’s stories (WARNING: There is some graphic content).


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