Find Your Fido!

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. We’re taking to the town to spread the word about how awesome shelter dogs are, and we’d like your help.

Throughout the month of October, FAMD staff and volunteers will be posing all over town with a cardboard cutout of Fido, the ASPCA spokesdog for rescue animals. You may see us with Fido at one of our partner pet supply stores, or at the Dearborn Farmers Market, or stopping for ice cream or coffee. Fido could be anywhere, and he could be any dog—big or small, sleek or fluffy.

We’re raising awareness of what great pets shelter dogs make. So we’d also like to hear YOUR Fido stories. Did you get your dog from the Dearborn animal shelter or another rescue organization? Let us know! Send us a pic and we may feature your pooch on Facebook or Instagram as a #FindYourFido success story. You can go here to find out more about the #FindYourFido campaign, and how you can participate.