The 2018 Winter Games at FAMD!

Does your cat have what it takes to be a champion at the Shelter Games?

we had a wonderful time with Animal Planet and the ASPCA hosting our own Puppy Bowl, but now it’s time to feature all the talented Cathletes out there. Starting Friday and through February 25th, we’re hosting the Shelter Games: tests of skill, feats of strength, and amazing displays of agility.

From the Long Jump event to the coveted Cat Napping Champion award, FAMD’s Shelter Games will highlight the everyday achievements of our cats. And we’re looking for your Cathletes too! Is your cat at the top of his game when it comes to floor gymnastics? Is she a champion at vaulting over the dog? Send us your pictures and proof that YOUR cat should be a Shelter Games Champion! We’ll be posting entries on Facebook all throughout the month. Our resident office cat, Cornelius, will be the official judge, since judging people and other animals is what Cornelius does best.

Let the games begin!