We Couldn’t Do This Without You


One week isn’t nearly enough to talk about every one of our awesome volunteers, but here’s a quick rundown on just a few of our FAMD superstars.

Dennis Hartford

Compassion, a can-do attitude, and ambition to save homeless animals makes Dennis Hartford an outstanding volunteer. He’s been involved with FAMD since the summer of 2016 and has served over 700 volunteer hours. Dennis spends most of his time socializing and photographing shelter cats at both our main facility and offsite adoption locations. His stunning photographs are full of personality and truly help animals find new homes quickly! We’re so grateful for volunteers like Dennis!

Theresa Eicher

Theresa became an FAMD volunteer just over a month ago and has been very involved in her new role! She spends the majority of her time here assisting with doggie play groups, walking, and socializing shelter dogs, like Fig who was adopted earlier this year. Theresa, like many of us, fell head over heels in love with FAMD dog resident, Stella, and brought her home furever earlier this year. Thanks so much Theresa for caring for homeless animals at FAMD! 

Batoul & Rayan Seklawi

Batoul and Rayan, or “The Wonder Twins” as they are fondly called by a few of our staff members, began volunteering in 2016 and have made such a huge difference in the lives of animals at FAMD! They started working with the cats, socializing, cleaning, and even made enrichment items and toys for them while at home. Recently they’ve taken training to work with the shelter dogs and have spent a ton of time walking dogs around the shelter facility, including Cocoa here, who is still at the shelter and hoping to find his new home soon! When FAMD is in need of extra help, whether it’s working with the animals or assisting with cleaning, we know to count on Batoul and Rayan. Thanks so much ladies! 

Summer Madison

Summer is a dedicated and loyal FAMD volunteer who’s been on the team for a few years now!  Since then, she’s done so much work to support FAMD cats! Summer works with shy or nervous cats to socialize them and our friendly felines, like Logan (pictured here) who found the purrr-fect home earlier this year. Summer is always ready to bring a foster cat home to work on skills and behaviors, which helps them get adopted! FAMD is lucky to have a volunteer as fantastic as Summer! 

Deanna Harby
Deanna is an incredibly enthusiastic and reliable volunteer who we can always count on to care for the littlest baby kittens. Deanna always shows up to temporarily care for them, without hesitation. Some people think they could never foster, because they wouldn’t be able to give the babies back. Deanna (and many of our other fosters) know that struggle. Jet, one of her “foster forevers” who she adopted earlier this year, is now happily living with Deanna. When she’s not busy caring for kittens at home, she’s in the shelter helping with cleaning, socializing, and showing off adoptable animals. Thanks so much Deanna! 

Geoff Dickenson

Geoff is our go-to volunteer for special projects. He’s always ready to help wherever needed. He’s a Master Gardener and has used those skills to really spruce up our current facility. Geoff also spends his time walking and socializing shelter dogs, representing FAMD at many community outreach events, and at times, taking trips across the state to bring in animals from other organizations in need of help. We’re so grateful for volunteers like Geoff! 

Jennifer Lemecha

Jennifer has been volunteering for about 4 months now and has already made such a HUGE difference in the lives of FAMD cats! She spends a lot of her free time at the shelter, making sure that every cat gets the love and affection they need while waiting for their forever homes. She’s great at working with the cats who may be a bit shy or scared in the shelter and introducing cats to potential adopters. She’s excited to learn how else she can help the shelter and has recently taken a training to work with shelter dogs and assist our administrative staff. Thank you, Jennifer for all that you do!