2016 Volunteer Recognition

The Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit recognizes exceptional volunteers with an annual award ceremony at the Volunteer & Staff Holiday Party each December. Our gratitude and congratulations to this year’s award winners:

Click here to view pictures from the 2016 Volunteer & Staff Holiday Party.

Award Winner
Heart and Soul Maggie Diamond
Most In-Shelter Hours Gavin Haag
Home Away from Home Angie & Ken Sterling (kittens & puppies), Melissa Bowlin (dogs)
Slumber Party Superstars Sonya & Chuck McKenna
Outstanding Student Volunteer Ashna Mulchandani
Outstanding Volunteer Lead Amy Lewandowski
Outstanding New Volunteer Whitney Neal
Best Believer Patti Flogaus
Cat’s Best Friend Dennis Hartford
Terrific Transporter & Cat Cuddler Vanessa Williams
Gardening Guru Geoff Dickenson
Cat Coach Recognition Chris Balazy, Dennis Hartford, Kevin North, Debbie Chandonnet, Fatimah Jafri
Pit Crew Recognition Maggie Diamond, Connie VanDeneede, Kari Zureki Castillo, Vanessa Williams, Lisa Turner, Jenann Connolly, Kristin Mott, Shelley Heath, Lori Kohrs, Jay Marshall, Susan Tesorero, Geoff Dickenson, Whitney Neal, Stacie DiGuiseppe, Julie Ader, Ahmed Alkhafaji, Mohammed Almousawi

Our 2016 Volunteers

Our many successes this year would not have been possible without a wonderful and caring volunteer crew! Thank you all for your compassion and dedication to the animals! While we do our best to ensure that all volunteer names are listed, we may have missed you! If you logged 50+ hours in 2016 and your name does not appear here, please contact Volunteer Director Katie Johnson at volunteers@metrodetroitanimals.org.

Home Away From Home Foster Care (2000+ hours)

Angie & Ken Sterling
Audra Sackey
Becca Alviani
Deanna Harby
Deborah Carr
Dena Foe
Dena Shuato
Dreama Pinkowski
Hollie Rebo
Jay & Donna Hunt
Jeff Leluk
Jennifer Sanisa
Juliette Roddy
Kelsey Tremberth
Liz Courtesis
LouAnn Laybourn
Mike Winkie
Peggy Nowak
Sandra Bejester
Shelly Lechnar
Sonya & Chuck McKenna
Whitney & Justin Neal

Outstanding Friend (500+ hours, exclusive of Foster Care)

Gavin Haag
Laurie Buhr
Maggie Diamond
Pat Ludwig

Special Friend (100 – 499 hours, exclusive of Foster Care)

Bob Sanchez
Charlene Dunn
Cheryl Montgomery
Chris Balazy
Connie VanDeneede
Darlene Teasley
Deborah Stewart
Dennis Hartford
Dreama Pinkowski
Jay Marshall
Jenann Connolly
Jeri Lantzy
Jill Lewis
Kari Zureki Castillo
Kathleen Haag
Kathleen Lash-Beurer
Kristin Mott
Lisa Turner
Liz Talbott
Lori Kohrs
Mary Yarger
Pat Barton
Pat Glinski
Patricia Flogaus
Shelley Heath
Sophie Bozek
Sue Barna
Sue Cavallaro
Susan Tesorero
Vanessa Williams

Volunteer Friend (50 – 99 hours, exclusive of Foster Care)

Ahmed Alkhafaji
Amy Lewandowski
Angie Sterling
Bernadette Ehrlichman
Carlo Castillo
Carol Yonkus-Zonca
Claudia Peña
Deb Carr
Debbie Chandonnet
Debi Rizk
Diane Kroll
Ed Serecky
Ellen Heise
Fatimah Jafri
Geoff Dickenson
Jennifer Dickey
Jennifer Wysocki
Julie Ader
Kathy Porach
Kayla Miller
Kevin North
Lisa Masi
Marie Butkowski
Mary Horton Bischoff
Mary Lane
MaryAnn Wright
Mohammed Almousawi
Pamela Thorpe
Patti Aichler
Paula Brannon
Peggy Graham
Rebecca Bartaway
Rob Reichelderfer
Robin Schmith
Sophia Beydoun
Stacie DiGuiseppe
Tracy Balazy
Whitney Neal

Superstar Youth Volunteers (25+ hours, ages 12-15)

Abby Hetner
Abigail Johnson
Alia Elhajj
Alyssa Kakaley
Ameera Ali
Ashna Mulchandani
David Boettger
Emilee Banas
Fatima Saleh
Grace Boettger
Laura Manrique
Lisandra Vega
Makiah Kelley
Nicole Silvers
Parker Tousignant
Sarah Hetner
Stephanie Durant
Yasmeen Saleh

Thanks to our 2016 volunteers…