Holiday Fund Drive


Like many of the animals at the shelter, Izzy came to us as a stray.

Not much was known about her past. Where had she come from? How long had she been out wandering the streets? Did she have a family looking for her?

What we did eventually learn was that Izzy was a sweet girl who loved treats and squeaky toys. She also had heartworm, which left untreated can be deadly.

Thanks to you, Izzy got the care and shelter she needed.

But more than medicine and squeaky toys, Izzy needed a forever family. Thankfully, Robin and Bill paid a visit to the shelter. It was love at first sight, and Izzy is happy, safe and loved with her new forever family.

When you make a gift to Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit you aren’t just buying food, cat litter or enrichment toys. You aren’t just helping care for more than 2,400 animals every year.  You are creating families.

So far in 2016, more than 1,500 dogs and cats have found their forever family and now have a roof over their head, a cozy bed, and someone to love them. But many more are waiting patiently to find their forever home.

 Will you make a gift this holiday season and help those still waiting?

Your gift will help us create hundreds of new families this holiday season and help give these animals a second (and sometimes third or fourth) chance and a happy life.

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Thank you for helping our families grow!