Pledge Every Time We Succeed

Great news!  Last year, FAMD adopted a record 1,915 animals.  None of this would have been possible without the support of caring and compassionate people like you!

This year, as we prepare to move into our new shelter later this fall, we’re inviting the community to truly be a partner with us and donate an amount based on every adoption we achieve through our new initiative – P.E.T.S.

P.E.T.S. stands for Pledge Every Time we Succeed – and we’re hoping you’ll do just that by committing to donate a certain amount for each adoption we make possible in 2018.

If you commit to donating 25 cents for each adoption and we match last year’s record number (1,915), you’ll be donating around $475 to FAMD.  A generous pledge of 50 cents per adoption would be about a $950 donation.  You can see how quickly this adds up.

By doing so, you’ll not only be rewarding us for our success, but you’ll be partnering with us to help make the next 1,915 adoptions possible!

Simply complete and submit the form below and we’ll contact you with confirmation of the details.  Then every three months, we’ll update you on our progress as well as share some of the many “happy tails” you’ll have made possible!  We will also send you an invoice based upon your pledge amount multiplied by how many animals FAMD adopted that quarter.

On behalf of the animals whose lives you’ll save, thank you!

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