Other Ways To Help

You can be an important part of the Friends for Animals of Metro Detroit team without registering to volunteer. Below are some ideas:

Craft Cat Comforters
While cats spend time in the shelter, they need soft and warm blankets to help them feel safe and secure. Each adopted cat is sent home with a blanket, so the shelter is always looking for more people to help make some! The ideal size is 18” by 24” and blankets can be knit, crochet, tied or sewn. Download instructions here.

Host a Fundraiser
Big or small, any funds raised help to benefit over 2,500 animals that come to the shelter each year. Share your ideas or get some helpful advice from our team at [email protected] or 313-943-2697 ext. 1019.

Hold a Collection Drive
The animals and staff are always in need of a few particular items. Set up collection boxes at your school or business. See our current wish list here and email [email protected] to get started!

Create Toys and Enrichment Items
While animals spend time in the shelter, they need toys and other enrichment items to keep entertained! Download a full guide of suggestions and instructions here.