What We Do


We make animal adoptions more accessible, celebrate alternative means of animal sheltering, and make caring for companion animals more affordable.


Join the Friends on the front line to help stop animal cruelty and encourage ambassadorship for “under-dogs.”

Community Services

Making caring for companion animals more affordable and helping those in need provide for their companions.

Pet Training

The key to success in a lasting relationship; we encourage you to take our classes to fully enhance your pet-family bond. Potty-training, crate training, sit, down, stay, come, leave it and much more…

Pooch Paw-ties & Play Dates

Interested in meeting pet parents and having your four-legged pal find some new friends? Then come “paw-ty” with us!

Safety & Education Tips

Helpful resource information about companion animals as well as wildlife.

The Friends organization strives daily to care for homeless animals and place them in to new, loving homes. Animal education, however, is also key to our mission. We offer classes and tips to encourage responsible pet ownership and provide community outreach focused on the human-animal experience.

1-15_stand%20presentation%201-7-15[1]The Dearborn Animal Shelter provides the following services:

  • Adoptions of great pets to quality homes
  • Reuniting lost pets with their owners
  • Providing loving care for lost or unwanted animals
  • Supporting City of Dearborn Animal Control Officers in cruelty investigations
  • Education and low-cost/no-cost outreach programs that assist community pet owners